Administrative and Technical Services

In addition to our performance capabilities in the defense industry, Infinite has incorporated Administrative and Technical Services into our available capabilities – Infinite now serves the health sciences field. Infinite currently  provides Administrative and Technical services and personnel to support programs which target the specific health initiatives of our customers. We provide expertise in evaluation designs, data collection, data analysis and reporting; develop training materials to support specific health programs; produce reports, manuscripts and similar surveillance products; as well as use statistical theory and techniques to select, collect, interpret and analyze scientific data. Infinite provides expert consultants, evaluators and SMEs to perform the functions that will support and complete the missions set forth by our customers.

Infinite’s Administrative and Technical Service capabilities include but are not limited to the services we currently provide within the health science realm. We are capable of providing a wide range of  Administrative and Technical services.

Our capabilities and offerings for administrative and technical services currently include:

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Evaluation
  • Technological/Methodological Support
  • Surveillance and Epidemiology Support
  • Project Support
  • SMEs
  • Data Analysis and Dissemination
  • Expert Consultants


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