Welcome Message

Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc. is built on several key strengths and components essential to cultivating success. The components enable Infinite to remain a successful corporation, offer value to our customers, and ensure success in fulfilling corporate and customer missions and goals. Success in the information technology, logistics, and engineering industries comes to those corporations that strike the right balance between the weight of technology, innovation, and the power of human thought – Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc. is one of these corporations. Infinite is on the horizon for attainment at unforeseen heights.

We at Infinite have a unique view of our relationships with our customers and employees. We consider our customers valued partners and the very air that keeps the corporation breathing. Each employee is viewed as an essential element to the corporation. A continuous dedication and tenacity is required from each employee to ensure we meet our goal of “Understanding our customer’s expectations and continuously exceeding them!”

With this in mind, Infinite’s management and employees dedicate themselves to keeping a “customer service and satisfaction first” mentality in an effort to build acceptance and an affirmative reputation in the industry.

Our management and employees will be the very best in our industry – equipped with knowledge, energy, and an unrelenting passion to win. Our leadership and management will have the drive and ambition to propel the corporation to the top, the ability to energize employees to not only meet our goals and expectations—but exceed them, the edge to be a valiant competitor, and the ability to execute the corporate strategies implemented in order to obtain success.

Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc. looks forward to the opportunity to serve you and ensure success in your missions and goals.

We are confident that this website will provide valuable information about our corporation and the services we provide. This site is designed to begin the conversation towards partnership. If given the opportunity, we are confident that we can be your trusted ally and partner of choice. Please do not hesitate to contact us when services are required for your current and future projects.


Khary Lewis I
Chairman & CEO
Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc.