Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc. Provides Human Resources Training to the CDC

Atlanta, GA – On September 3, 2014 Infinite Services & Solutions, Inc. was awarded a Human Resources Training contract with the CDC of Atlanta. Infinite is pleased to add yet another qualification to its performance capabilities and to provide another genre of services to the CDC.

“Our first contract with the CDC was a great accomplishment for us,” says Infinite CEO Khary Lewis. “We are excited for a second opportunity to prove our capabilities and serve such a prominent and influential organization. We are hopeful we will continue to build a partnership with the CDC for many years to come.”

Infinite will provide workshops and presentations to the managers, supervisors, and leaders of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP) branch of the CDC. Additionally, Infinite will develop the proper Human Resources/Employee Relations materials needed to produce beneficial workshop training sessions, utilize the proper tools needed to support the CDC’s Going Green initiative, and ensure that all elements of each training workshop meets NCHHSTP requirements for mandatory supervisor training.

Infinite will provide HR training workshops in the following areas:

Employee Engagement & Motivation

Strength Based Leadership

Diversity & Equal Opportunity

Labor – Management Relations

Formal & Informal Discipline

Training will take place at the Main Campus of the CDC located in Atlanta, Georgia.